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Our first shared happy home for 2013.

Xan this is gorgeous!  My three girls are mesmorised with the little fairy garden you serendipitously stumbled upon with your babes, a magical location for this happy home.  We are convinced it is now safely behind the purple door in the land of fairies.

Thank you for sharing xx

(Read below the email from Xan.)

Thanks so much for sending me our Happy Home Breath.

I do hope you and your loved ones are having the most wonderful family break and that your Christmas celebrations have been overflowing with love and merriness.

My two babes and I tootled off on our walk yesterday morning with camera and Happy Home Breath tucked into the pram ready for us to release into the world. Our intention was to leave it on the picnic table next to the park/playground we were headed for, however along the way, down one of the quiet little streets leading us there, we discovered a Fairy House and garden outside the front gate of somebody’s home. While we were stopped to admire it, my daughter suggested we leave our Happy Home there on the Fairy’s front path. Seemed like a pretty terrific idea to me so, attached are the photos we took while adventuring and stopping to Breathe.

I chose the word Breath in the hope that whoever finds it can remember to slow down, take a deep breath and laugh in the midst of all this business that goes on at this time of year.

Keep spreading the joy and smiles and thank you for all your “Homes of Happiness”.

Best wishes for this new year.

Lots of love,

Home 371: Breath – South Australia


Happy Weekend!  One of my most favourite things to do is flick through my photo’s and write a little something for this blog. Here’s one I stumbled across last night while three little ladies soaked up their new obsession with Christmas movies.  Thanks for reading and for all those lovely comments.  Hope you have a fun weekend planned.
I so love this time of year. xx

Say hello to the lovely Kim at Mama Makar.  A beautifully written post on dreaming big.  Thanks for sharing Kim.  I especially love where this little home has been released.  I wonder if anyone found it?

Happy home 365: Now – Western Australia


When you find yourself sitting on the living room floor wrapping Christmas presents and stashing them upstairs in the cupboard three months out from the big day, it’s fair to say I may have a little too much time on my hands.  Two weeks home with my little ladies and I begin to take organisation to a whole new level.  Any one else getting prepared this early?

We have had the most wonderful break these past few weeks.  It draws to an end today and we begin to prepare for a crazy busy few weeks ahead.  I’m back and forwards to Melbourne next week and have a few big (scary) presentations to give for work.

Today…. we take it slow, pj’s until the late morning, a walk along the beach this afternoon and catch up with a dear friend.

Sophie from Time to be Fabulous has released today’s happy home on the Gold Coast.  Pop over and say hello.  A timely post Sophie.  Glad to hear this little home enabled you to share a moment of quiet and some time to wind down.  You made me smile at the thought of skipping Uni lectures to enjoy the sun, an activity I indulged in all to often when I was at University.

Thank you for sharing Sophie xx

Home 349: Fabulous - Gold Coast


A happy home in the UK.
I love these pictures sent through by Sarah and her gorgeous family and love that happy home promise has given us a snapshot into their lives, their marriage and a day at the beach.  Aren’t wedding pictures wonderful!  I wish Pinterestwas around when we were married.

Read about Sarah’s release of happy home promise below and visit her here.
“After a day at the seaside (in a little town called Southwold, in the county of  Suffolk) collecting treasures from the beach, we left the home of happiness promise for someone to find.

We originally asked for promise to release with some balloons on our wedding day, but due to worries of litter and harm to farm animals, balloon releases have been banned in rural areas around where we live. The word promisewas chosen to symbolise the promises Adam and I would be making on the day, the promise that we would love each other unconditionally, ’till death do us part’.

We decided instead to release the happy home out into the world after a lovely family day at the seaside together, one of our first family days out as “The Patterson’s”.  We hired a beach hut called Aunty Bong Bong’s, ate a ‘mummy made picnic’ made ‘daddy designed sandcastles’ and went on a ‘George led treasure hunt’ for things to leave with our little home. We were really quite successful too, we found pretty pebbles, stones, seaweed and even a starfish!! To finish the day off we ate sausage and Chips from the pier and washed them down with champagne!

It was so wonderful to spend some quality time together as a family. It felt quite liberating to leave behind the housework, errands and usual domestic duties that dominate the weekends normally. At the end of the day myself and Adam AKA Daddy said we would try and make time to do things like this more often. In fact, after leaving this happy home, we made a promiseto each other and George that we would come back to the beach and beach hut next year to make more great memories. In the meantime we promised to spend some time together once a week, just ‘The Pattersons’ doing something away from the house and the distraction of chores!

I hope we can keep this promise up. It will help us to love and appreciate each other more as well as creating great memories for us all to share in years to come.

Thank you so much Kell and your lovely little ladies for letting us be a part of the 1000 homes of happiness journey.”

love Sarah, Adam and George xxx

Home 344: Promise – UK



Happiness is…

A week of surprises and giggles.
What’s making you happy this week?
Image: Bowerbird Blue
A photograph like this makes me long for the outdoors.  Kirsty at Bowerbird blue has released this weeks guest happy home in a breathtaking location.  Look at those trees!
You can visit Kirsty from Bowerbird Blue here, she has the most wonderful adventures with nature.Thank you Kirsty, another beautiful happy home release.

I wonder who found it?
Happy Home: 343 – Forest