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She counts six whole candles, our little Blossom.

We’ve spent the past few days celebrating all she brings to this family of ours and how much we adore her.

This week has been a good one, in so many exciting and wonderful ways.  {I will share more soon}.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  See you mid-week. x

Home 389: Candles – Local Beach



This post starts off something like this….

‘People think I’m a great Mum but……’

I sent Blossy off to school without knickers again last week.  I’ve written before about my dislike of mornings while getting three little people ready for school and me off to work.  They are usually always chaotic and often end in something being forgotten and me feeling frazzled.

The bell rings as we pull into the school car park.  Blossy climbs out of the car with her skirt hitched around her bottom, we quickly notice her lack of underwear…..Argh.  My iPad and iPhone beep in unison giving me my 20 minute work meeting reminder and I stand there looking at my youngest in her school dress and bare bottom.  She grins and lets out a ‘oops I forgot my undies Mumma… sorry’.  I search the boot of my car in the hope that last weeks swimming bag, still sitting in there, contains a pair of knickers, no luck.  I then rummage around on the floor of the car, finding missing shoes, socks, half eaten biscuits, everything but a pair of knickers.  The playground empties and we bump into the school Mum’s walking out the gates where I sheepishly confess she has a bare bottom under that dress.  Hand in mine Blossy and I walk to her classroom where I go over the story of Blossy and her lack of knickers with her teacher. She reaches up to the cupboard and grabs a spare pair and shares the secret information that Daddy did the same thing last week.

Ava kindly lets me know that evening that she had two pairs of knickers on that day and clearly I’m not loosing my mind but confusing my children instead.

Dare to share….. have you had a moment like this lately?

*Note to self: Put spare knickers in the car

*This post is inspired by you Sis.  Love that someone else has weeks like these.


 Home 388: Confess – Bakery




Hello, it’s been a while…..

Sometimes the pictures you capture when they aren’t looking are the ones that make me smile the most.   This one, from the weekend, has filled my heart and guided me back to this little space here…. Where it all started.   I’ve been missing our happy homes and the ever so lovely community of readers that come with it.  Life has been lived the past few months, sometimes in a blur of busy, a foggy haze of absolute exhaustion with the fleeting moment of slow to savour.  I’ve been an avid reader of blogs, lazy comment giver and obsessive instagramer during our hiatus.  We are missing this space and my three monkeys are missing our happy homes.

I do hope you will rejoin us as we strap on our (sometimes sporadic) blogging boots and prepare to share our happy homes again.

Until next time!  Thanks for popping in.

*We took our three on their first big hike over the weekend.  Little Blossy (our reluctant hiker) made it all the way!  Here she is sharing a snack with Dadda, celebrating her achievement.










They tumbled out of bed just as the sun started to rise.  I love that excitement where they can barely contain themselves, jumping up and down on the spot giddy with birthday joy.  We all snuggle back in bed for a big birthday cuddle and I’m gently reminded of that day seven years ago when I could cradle the two of them in my arms together.  My teeny tiny three-pound babes.

We greet the morning sunshine and head outdoors eager to begin preparations for a twinnie vintage tea-party.  Little hands carefully carry tea cups and saucers outside and set them on the table, cakes bake in the oven, Dadda hangs pom poms, while I mix a bundle of fruit punch in my Nan’s old punch bowl.  The table, a mish mash of old wares and op-shop treasures, begins to come together.

Girls and boys sip punch in tea cups, play croquet on the lawn and decorate paper tea hats with feathers and sparkles.  Poppy and Ava spend the entire day smiling those big happy grins we adore so much.  I’m especially thankful for this camera of mine that sometimes captures the moment exactly in the way that I feel it.  My favourite picture is the one of them together sharing all of this joy while cutting their birthday cake.  A moment treasured.

Collapsing on the couch later that evening with my girls, Ava looks up at me and declares this ‘the best day in her whole entire life’.


Home 382: Tea-party – We hid this little home into a lolly bag.






Seven.  They turn Seven tomorrow.   Both just as kind and caring as ever.  In the morning we welcome friends and family to their outdoor vintage tea room we’ve been busy creating.   The excitement in this happy home…. electric.

So much to smile about with these long-awaited little ladies in my life.

Happy Birthday my sweets.


{…and soon we will share some pics from the party}


Home 381 : Seven – Local Craft Store