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Back to the school routine this morning and I’m missing the ease of school holidays already.

Here’s what made us happy last week:

1. Wind in her hair and sand between her toes ~ Blossy

2. River play ~ Ava

3. Crossing rivers in your knickers ~ (I love her sense of adventure) Poppy

4.  Discovering new surf spots ~ Dean

5.  Bed swapping and caravan sleep ins.  (Waking up and finding my three like this) ~ Me.

What made you happy last week?  Hope it was a lovely one.


Home 386: Daily – 13th Beach








A Postcard from The Great Ocean Road……

we packed our little home on wheels and ventured down the coast for a mid school holiday getaway.  It has been a while between caravan stays and I was absolutely desperate for the simplicity of it.  It was cold, wet and windy.  Thankfully gumboots and our winter woolies were not forgotten, Victorian weather can be so fickle sometimes.  This time we had plans to take the girls on their first big hike.  Ava spent the day before meticulously making her first ever scroggin (trail mix) snack for each of us… reminding me of my childhood hiking memories with family and friends.

The girls were reunited with their caravan board games, we sat by the camp fire, toasted marshmallows, played by the river and walked (slowly) along beaches.  It was so timely after a busy school/working term.

We hiked along the Cumberland River and up through the bush.  It was wet and muddy and parts of the walk were spent on our bottoms.  The girls loved the mud, the puddle jumping and the challenge of it all.  We crossed rivers in freezing water, sometimes the girls on Daddy’s back and towards the end, as their confidence grew, they tackled the river crossings on foot.  Shoes and pants around their neck for safe keeping and off they ventured into the icy waters in their knickers.  As each one made it across there were cheers and high fives.  We didn’t do the entire loop around the Cumberland, the final few river crossings were too high and fast flowing.  Instead, in the middle of the Otway forest we ate our picnic lunch and hiked home along the track we ventured in.  It really is a beautiful part of the world.  Poppy, holding my hand on the way back said ‘Mumma, I’m the luckiest aren’t I, this has been the best day ever’.  We were muddy, wet, cold and happy.

Knowing nature is a wonderful thing.

Hope you are having a lovely week.  It is so nice to be back here… on the blog.


 Home 385: Return.  They are super excited to have a happy home in their hands again.








He has talked about this view forever, the man in our home and once or twice tried to share it with each of us only to find the track has been closed.  Yesterday we packed the picnic basket and made our way down the Great Ocean Road.  Through forest and dense scrub we bounced along the old fire track.  Thirty years earlier on that very day the forest here was being ravaged by Ash Wednesday bush-fires.  We marveled at the old trees still blackened from fire and how wonderful it is to see a landscape renewed.    He slowed the car at the very top where the trees started to thin and we emerged from the bush upon a hilltop.

The most breathtaking view I think I have ever seen.

Next to me he smiled and it was a smile I had not seen before.   After fifteen years together I thought I had all of his expressions etched in my mind, but this one was new to me.  He looked overwhelmed with happiness.  Almost at one with nature and the beauty around us.  Three little ladies were captivated and quiet, staring across the landscape toward the ocean.  Then they were off racing across the hillside.

Some days the sun shines so bright the ocean and the sky merge together like one.

Tell me, do you have a favourite place, an unforgettable view?


Home 378: View – Great Ocean Road on a gorgeous hilltop



Summer rolls on and each sunshiny day blurs itself into the next.  I love this time of year, where the relevance of the day and date is well, irrelevant.  Where clocks stop ticking and we have hours on end to potter.  Sometimes I will stand out in the yard and breathe deep, soaking up the stillness and ease of it all.  Summer fruits are picked before the birds arrive.  Window sills are overrun with ripening fruit and eaten as soon as they change colour.   The sun rises and the girl’s head outside where they fuss over the hens and play make-believe in the backyard. Bathers clutter the clothesline and I take simple delight in the fact that the sunshine makes fast work of clothes drying.  Housework is done more deliberately as the days seem longer and less chaotic. There is time to sit with a cup of tea, savour it and finish it, there is even time to make myself another if I like.

I’m spending lots of time dreaming of ways to ensure all of this can somehow merge more easily with days of routine and busy, for our worlds are soon to collide.

Hope your summer has been a lovely one.

Home 372: Outside – a gorgeous old outhouse (Vic)



Little Blossy turned five last week.  Given that she is happiest at play in the outdoors we agreed the best way to celebrate was to host ‘Camp Blossy’ over a long weekend.

It was simple slow living at its best.  The cake was chocolate iced by little helpers in the caravan, two twigs and some mini bunting to finish it off.

There was a dance off, a game of bocce, some fishing by the river and a nature scavenger hunt.  We baked damper, toasted marshmallows by the camp fire, played on the beach, surfed and went animal spotting on a night walk.

Our party favours were little torches given out with the invitations and a net to dangle in the river or use to catch butterfly’s.  It was a little persons heaven on earth.

I’m reminded of how important it is for our children to have freedom in play, to explore, to work as teams, to connect with nature and to value family and togetherness.

A life time of memories treasured over three simple days of camping.

Do you enjoy camping with little ones?

Home 354: Camp - Victoria