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A Postcard from The Great Ocean Road……

we packed our little home on wheels and ventured down the coast for a mid school holiday getaway.  It has been a while between caravan stays and I was absolutely desperate for the simplicity of it.  It was cold, wet and windy.  Thankfully gumboots and our winter woolies were not forgotten, Victorian weather can be so fickle sometimes.  This time we had plans to take the girls on their first big hike.  Ava spent the day before meticulously making her first ever scroggin (trail mix) snack for each of us… reminding me of my childhood hiking memories with family and friends.

The girls were reunited with their caravan board games, we sat by the camp fire, toasted marshmallows, played by the river and walked (slowly) along beaches.  It was so timely after a busy school/working term.

We hiked along the Cumberland River and up through the bush.  It was wet and muddy and parts of the walk were spent on our bottoms.  The girls loved the mud, the puddle jumping and the challenge of it all.  We crossed rivers in freezing water, sometimes the girls on Daddy’s back and towards the end, as their confidence grew, they tackled the river crossings on foot.  Shoes and pants around their neck for safe keeping and off they ventured into the icy waters in their knickers.  As each one made it across there were cheers and high fives.  We didn’t do the entire loop around the Cumberland, the final few river crossings were too high and fast flowing.  Instead, in the middle of the Otway forest we ate our picnic lunch and hiked home along the track we ventured in.  It really is a beautiful part of the world.  Poppy, holding my hand on the way back said ‘Mumma, I’m the luckiest aren’t I, this has been the best day ever’.  We were muddy, wet, cold and happy.

Knowing nature is a wonderful thing.

Hope you are having a lovely week.  It is so nice to be back here… on the blog.


 Home 385: Return.  They are super excited to have a happy home in their hands again.







A postcard from the Otways…..

We’ve been longing for some time away in our Little Home on Wheels.  The simplicity, togetherness and ease that comes with holidaying in a caravan.  Down the Great Ocean Road, where the bush meets the sea, we return.  He and I feel like we’ve come home when we are here, immersed in this breathtaking part of the world.  We drive high up into the hills where the mist wraps itself around us and take some time to wander.  We feel almost fairy like as we stand underneath tree ferns as tall as trees.  By the beach the girls play, the best kind of play, unstructured, at ease with nature and the beauty around them.  Our camping neighbours and their happy combi tent make us smile.  We watch the children make friendships quickly, they fish the river, taunt waves on the beach, build water moats and explore the world around them.

Slow days blend themselves into one another.  We bunker down in the van at night, cosy, together, happy.


Home 383: Camp – Loving this old doorway.

Sharing some of my pictures via Instagram.  Can you tell I’m a teeny bit obsessed with it?

While we were away some exciting news appeared in my inbox.  We are so thrilled to see 1000 homes of happiness included in the top 25 Kidspot Village Voices Personal and Parenting blogs for 2013.  Happy days. xox



Little Blossy turned five last week.  Given that she is happiest at play in the outdoors we agreed the best way to celebrate was to host ‘Camp Blossy’ over a long weekend.

It was simple slow living at its best.  The cake was chocolate iced by little helpers in the caravan, two twigs and some mini bunting to finish it off.

There was a dance off, a game of bocce, some fishing by the river and a nature scavenger hunt.  We baked damper, toasted marshmallows by the camp fire, played on the beach, surfed and went animal spotting on a night walk.

Our party favours were little torches given out with the invitations and a net to dangle in the river or use to catch butterfly’s.  It was a little persons heaven on earth.

I’m reminded of how important it is for our children to have freedom in play, to explore, to work as teams, to connect with nature and to value family and togetherness.

A life time of memories treasured over three simple days of camping.

Do you enjoy camping with little ones?

Home 354: Camp - Victoria


A few photographs to share over the coming days from our mini break last weekend.

We adore Daylesford this time of year.  Beautiful spring days and crisp icy evenings.

They wake early in the mornings, clambering out of the caravan beds. The caravan is best this time of morning, cosy with the heater on, blankets and winter woollies scattered on the floor.  The kettle hums away while the girls peep out the window noticing the first spring frost.  “It’s white out there Muma, Jack Frost has been”.  I peek out the window as they tug at my sleeves desperate to be outside amongst it.  ‘It’s too cold out there right now” I whisper.

Dadda stirs under the blankets, pulls them up over his head and settles back into a slumber.  I pour my tea and hold it in my two hands hoping the heat will transfer to my palms to warm me up.  We step out of the caravan, the only people to stir at this early hour of the morning.  Still in their pajama’s the girls eagerly race towards the open field.

Rays of early morning sunshine slowly begin to peep over the bush horizon.  A white frost, crunchy underfoot has spread across the entire field.  They run, marvel and shiver in awe at the expanse of it.  I stand, as the steam rising from my tea intermingles with the steam rising from the field, contemplating the quiet, the beauty and the dawn of a new season.

 Home 340: Frost (stuck on the museum information board.  I wonder who will find it?)


I keep flicking back through the weekend photographs with this post in mind.  It was going to be about Spring and all of the wonderful that comes with it.  You know….. The sunshine, outdoors, daffodils and of course how much we adore some time away in LHOW.

Because it was all that, and a heap more.  It’s hard not to be wonderful when we are together in our caravan.

And then the car plays up, we nurse it home and slowly pull into the driveway just as the smoke starts billowing from the bonnet.  While we unpack my phone rings and it’s my beautiful Mum.  Her voice sounds a little different on the phone.  Have you heard that change of tone in some one’s voice before, when you know things are not the way they are meant to be?

They have been travelling, my gorgeous Mum and Dad, in their very own LHOW when my Dad became unwell.

Life tilts on it axis, just a little, but enough to allow a tinge of fear to creep in, a reminder of the fragility of it all.  Of how wonderful it is to have siblings who drop everything to support my parents and how lucky we are to all be in each others life.

We arrange for one of us to fly out tomorrow to the other end of the country to be with my parents.

He is on the mend now, still in hospital, but on the mend.  And the car…. well, it’s just a car isn’ t it.

Enjoy the pics.  It really was the most wonderful weekend away.

Home 338: Spring – Coffee and Cake for Breakfast @ Daylesford. xo