I’ve been a bit neglectful of this space for the past few weeks. Truth is, we’ve been settling into a new hum in this little home.  I’m working some more which in turn means the rhythm of home shifts somewhat.  It also means I am honestly sick to death of my computer by nightfall and with the end of summer I’m desperate to spend every last warm evening outside with my family.

So, when I haven’t been madly tapping away on my computer, I have been in the garden, in the kitchen, ploughing through three lots of readers and numeracy tasks of an evening with my Poppets, or sitting on the deck with a cup of tea and my thoughts.  Life is a contented busy at the moment and happiness is found in the simplest and slowest of tasks.

The garden is our favourite place to be right now, soaking up the delights it continues to provide us with.  We planted only two tomato plants this year and have been swamped with them. Blossy and I have been collecting baskets full while the stove hums away with relish and roasted vegetables ready to preserve.  We are eating tomatoes on absolutely everything!  We’ve also discovered the joy in trading food and continue to share the over abundance with family and friends.

I’m happy to say this little shift in our home, where busy and slow run alongside each other, has had me smiling a whole lot.

The last of the warm days, I hope you are enjoying them.

Tomatoes, care to share a cooking suggestion?


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