Meet the House of Prowse.  A little family of four who packed up their life in suburbia to live in a remote community in the North West of Northern Territory.  This gorgeous blog captures their adventures, the challenges and the unique experience that is living in a remote community.  Little home Isolation travelled across this vast country of ours to be welcomed onto the door step of the House of Prowse. 
Pop over and take a peek.   Where does one release a little home in a town that is isolated in the hope that it will be found?
Thank you House of Prowse.  Your sunshine and 29 degrees sounds like heaven right now! 
I love that these little homes enable us to live adventures vicariously through others.
Are you the adventurous type?
Home 219: Isolation – Northern Territory
Our first little home in the Territory!
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  1. I agree Kellie, how lovely is it to experience a little piece of someone else's world. I've said it before, it's a fabulous concept :o)
    And yes, 29 and sunny would be just about perfect for me too! xo

  2. Yay for adventure, i gave birth to 4 children in the Northern Territory, it's a truly special place & i loved it. We lived there for over 6 years & it will always be in our hearts, the children are true territorians, it's something that stands out on their passports & always gets comments. Fantastic adventure, good for them, love Posie

  3. Hi Kellie..I used to be the adventurous type, I arrived here in Australia at 18 years old with not a worry in the world. Now I'm a bit apprehensively planning a trip to Taiwan late this year to see my son marry his gorgeous Taiwanese girl..I'm not feeling adventurous right now, so I really admire those who are!

  4. Hi Ladies,
    Thanks for your comments here.
    It is actually easier than I thought!
    Always like visitors if you are ever passing by!
    Kettle is on x

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