I awake just before the alarm sounds and there she is sleeping on my pillow snuggled next to me.  She creeps upstairs in the still of the night and we wake together like this every morning.  Gently I tickle her cheek and her long thick lashes flutter. She opens her eyes and a little smile creeps its way across her face.

‘It’s your last day of kindy today Blossy’, I whisper.  She grins and snuggles back under the blankets in preference of more sleep.  My slow riser finally drags herself from our bed and props herself up at the table where she eats her way through a three coursed breakfast, cereal, toast and fruit. She dresses herself, puts her shoes on the wrong feet where we then wrestle her hair into a neat plait.

Her husky voice torments her big sisters as she rolls about on the rug reading her favourite story, Christmas Wombat.  While sipping my tea I hear her giggling at the wombat as he eats his way through a bundle of carrots and sleeps…. a whole lot.  Soooo much like my lovable Blossom.

I’m going to miss hanging out with my baby girl, just the two of us, our Wednesday dance offs in the living room, my little helper at the supermarket, my quirky companion who forever asks me for something to eat.  Gosh, I am going to miss her.

We close the front door and make our way to Kinder, closing the door on a chapter in this little home in preparation of exciting new beginnings.    I’m thankful for this space here and the way it continues to capture  all of these moments.  Memories treasured… forever.

Are you at the end of a chapter in your happy home and excited by new beginnings?

Home 369: Kindy – Vic

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