Our journey to live more simply is beginning to manifest itself in a bundle of small (exciting) ways in this happy home.  Little deliberate changes to our routines and lifestyle.  Some we are finding more challenging than others and some seem so logical we wonder why it has taken us so long to make the transition.

On the very top of the list right now is the way we shop, eat and plan our meals each week.

We’ve moved from weekly shops to fortnight in the hope of (slowly) eliminating the supermarket from our lives as much as we can.  The man and I have set each other the challenge to steer clear of the supermarket other than our once a fortnight shop.  (We’ve gone as far as stalking each others bank transactions to see who caves first.  Fiercely competitive we are!)

This has meant that we have had to be diligent about our two-week menu plan and the necessary ingredients.  It has also meant that by the Monday of the final fortnight we need to be super creative with our non essentials and essentials.  Our non shopping challenge took itself to a whole new level last week when I found myself making my own soap.  I’m learning to stockpile items we use a lot of.  (I have a crazy mountain of toilet roles in the laundry right now)

We are cooking all our meals from scratch and using a stack of ingredients grown from our own garden or from the gardens of family and friends.  I’m dreaming of expanding our vegetable garden and mapping out ways to make better use of our small block of land.

The other change we’ve made is buying our weekly produce from local growers.  This has been the most exciting change so far.  Thankfully there is a fabulous local farmers market that sells organic fresh produce.  Here we wander through and select our fruit and vegetables for the week.  The girls have spent the past few weeks, bucket in hand, picking their own berries and for the first time developing a real understanding of where our food comes from.

I’ve also discovered that simple living is well, not so simple.  So much of it is more time-consuming, requires a stack of planning and a lot of creativity.  I know it’s still early days here and that these changes may seem minimal to some but there is something about this early shift that seems to fit this happy home of ours.  We are loving the journey, the rhythm and the change in our thinking.

Anyone else on a similar journey?  Care to share some hints and tips?


 Home 375: Local – Tuckerberry Farm

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  1. Love this Kel. You know that I am on my own version of this journey. It is totally not simple, but it is definitely worth the effort. A different focus on so many levels. I love that your girls are right there with you. My kids wax and wane with their interest but they love the extra time in the kitchen cooking with me and the home made treats in their lunchboxes. Keep it up x

    • kellie

      I love reading about your journey C. I’m especially inspired by your ability to spend less, a direction we are heading towards. Thanks for popping by. xx

  2. Angela

    Another great post Kell! Even more exciting to get to the bottom & see my name there!! Thank you.

  3. Hi Kellie
    Oh thank you so much for choosing me as one of your winners!! I am so happy !

  4. Lisa

    Thanks for the great post. I have been following your fantastic blog, but never posted! I am on a similar journey to you, so it was great to read your post. I have been looking for local organic produce since my son started solids, so thanks for sharing about Tuckerberry Farm. The other day I found out that Magic Meadow in Lovely Banks also open their organic farm gate on the weekend. I am starting very slow and have just purchased a Thermomix, which has helped out heaps as I can make my own vegetable stock, butter, flour, mince etc. I now have to convince my husband to get chooks! Good luck, I look forward to reading more about your journey.

    • kellie

      Hello Lisa, thank you for the post. I’m glad you did because I now know about the organic farm at Lovely banks. We will have to visit this one. I’m dreaming of a thermomix. Would love to hear your thoughts on it. Go for the chooks, we have Isa browns and they are delightful, especially with little ones.


  5. Inspiring :-)

    I’m enjoying doing the same in my new neighborhood – finding all the alternatives to the supermarket.

  6. Nardia Sheriff

    Not sure where my comment went but in addition to http://theminimalistmom.com/ (which I have been reading a lot lately – v. impressive…. their decision to live a simpler life has allowed them to pay off $80k debt in 2 years!!) Rhonda Hetzel’s Down to Earth blog and book is pretty good – Rhonda is my friend Sarndra from high school’s MIL so have been following her blog for a few years now. Blog addy is – http://down—to—earth.blogspot.com.au/

    And her book Down to Earth: a guide to simple living is just beautiful and worth a read :)

    • kellie

      Hi Nards, thanks for the comment (not sure why it didn’t post to begin with) Wowee, 80k of debt in two years is very impressive. I’m going to have a look at the minimalistmom. Thanks for the suggestion. I have also read Down to Earth and love this book. Rhonda’s shift in living is inspirational.


  7. I’m trying to sit more in the pocket of the community I live in. It takes time to get there, but I’m working on it. x

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