Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Home

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Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a house has never been something we ought to do on impulse so take some time, study your options, review your finances and interview anyone you can find regarding their experience. Listed here are some pros and cons of purchasing a property.


1. Rental Income – Depending on the place you find the property and ways in which it is bought you may well be able to produce a profit quicker than you can imagine.

2. Tax write-offs – If the property is purchased as an investment and rented annually there could be potential tax deductions you are able to receive.

3. Investment – If you pick the investment in a good location and time frame you can resell the property to get a profit a little while down the road.

4. Bragging rights / Bucket List – As funny as it might read I’m sure many people purchase property just for bragging rights or even to cross it off a bucket list.

5. Vacation Property – you can actually turn that property into a vacation home depending on the location if you already have a house where you live. You are able to decorate the property the way you like and then make any changes without needing to call for permission.


1. Maintenance – Upkeep of a property often contains a substantial expense from re-staining porches or siding to rushing out a plumber in the event the pipes freeze and break through the winter. There’s always surprise expense.

2. Handling renters – This will only be a headache if you decide to rent your property. There will always be several nightmare renters each year I have to take care of over the dumbest of complaints.

3. Resell value -Depending on the prevailing market factor, one may actually end up not making enough money when they resell their property.

5. Mortgage – Many of us investing in a vacation rental property don’t have the luxury of paying it off as a result yet another mortgage hangs over their head. A mortgage loan isn’t really something you can easily eliminate easily. Consider, a mortgage loan, TLC, and other things that occur might be detrimental to the wallet.

9. Emergencies -plumber, handyman, glass repairman, electrician, snow plow). It is not fun if you need to call one of those contacts but it doesn’t help when one particular isn’t available.

The decision in know yours to make after you have understood the Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Property. However, it is advisable to go with what will work for you.