I swear this little face changed in the few days I was away.  Can you believe she had her Kinder Graduation this week!?

I took off at the beginning of the week Sydney bound for a work conference and oh boy was it wonderfully liberating. I remembered how to enjoy (and soak up) my own company.  Alone time, I love it and this week was no exception.  I boarded a plane in the early hours of Monday and immersed myself in work readings without interruption or distraction.  I checked into a fabulous apartment in the heart of Sydney and wandered my way along Jacaranda lined streets each morning to the conference.  I dined out at China town with friends and colleagues without a wee one on my lap and was able to eat my entire meal without having to take someone to the loo.  I know, I know… the simple joys.  I slept in a king size bed right in the middle stretched like a star fish – just because I could.   And work, I thought I couldn’t love my job anymore, but it seems I can.

I’ve had to pinch myself upon return, because boy do I feel lucky coming home to these smiling faces, a gorgeous man who shares the load and family and friends who love and support my little ladies as much as I do.

Some weeks the work and family balance is all over the shop and some weeks I’m pretty good at complaining about all the busy that comes with it.  I’m not sure I need those sympathetic smiles at school pick up as I stumble in the gate late from work and the ‘oh dear, you have to work’ comments, (well at least not this week anyway) to be truthful, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Tell me… Do you enjoy your own company?

We’ve had a quiet day at home today.  Pop back tomorrow to see where we release happy home self  and take a peek at our week in Instagram and click on the icon in our menu bar if you want to follow us.

Maybe sometimes we need to step away from it just to realise how amazingly good we have it? What do you think?

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