(We stumbled onto this wonderful yarn bombed street this morning)

The to-do list in this little home is out of control right now.  Just when I thought I was super organised for Christmas and the fast approaching holidays there are a mountain of fiddly little things I seem to have missed.

And this morning, while I raced around town in search of three different coloured tutus for the girls to wear to a wedding this weekend, searched out presents for teachers, picked up craft bits and bobs for Christmas cards, Christmas tinsel for hair for gymnastics presentation and books for Santa gifts at tonight’s School Christmas picnic, I discovered the two little ladies (Blossy and my lovely niece) were running…. literally running, alongside me to keep up.

I impatiently stood at the pedestrian crossing waiting for the green walk signal with hundreds of other weary Christmas shoppers and these two little ladies plonked themselves down on the concrete in front of the Christmas busker smiling as ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snow’ lyrics floated out across the 30 degree day.

So caught up in the magic Blossy tells me we just walked past Santa twice, ‘Once in the shops where people were lining up for photo’s Mumma, and then just here on the escalator ringing his Christmas bell’.  Blossy and my niece give each other an understanding nod like that is totally normal for Santa to be that magic that he can be in two places at once. We head into the store and I purchase a few bits and pieces for the girls from Santa and Blossy does not even question my ‘these are for your cousin’ statement.  While standing in the checkout line she begins an  ‘I want’ tantrum and I use the throw away line ‘Santa is watching’ and  just like that she forgets the tantrum and we move on.

And so, I’ve re-discovered something this morning, I’m easing up on them, I’m giving in to the magic of Christmas, the advent calender lolly at breakfast time, the jumping up and down on the spot, silly out of control excitement, that lets face at 9:30 pm can be absolutely exhausting.  I’m slowing down, remembering to walk and reminding myself that in the eyes of our little people Santa does come in a fire truck because the reindeer’s are resting for Christmas eve, he is always watching and yes he is so magical that he can be in two places at once.  It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that.

The magic of Christmas, is it running wild in your happy home?

 Home 367: Spirited – These two hid this happy home in a box of Christmas cards.

I still have a pic of our last released happy home to upload, but right now I have three books that need to be wrapped ready to put into Santa’s sack for his guest appearance (on a fire truck) at tonight’s school picnic. xx

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