Thank you for reading 1000 Homes of Happiness.

Since its beginning in October 2010 1000 Homes of Happiness has quickly grown into a widely read blog.

Happy homes continue to make their way around the world and can now be found a far afield as Thailand, USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Tibet etc. and nearly every corner of Australia.

We now have a wonderful community of readers that follow our adventures and help share happy homes across the globe.

With our happiness project expanding every day we can’t wait to see what the future holds.  You can read about some of our past media coverage  here.

We are every bit loving, wishing and hoping to continue to share our happy homes and have a firm belief in buying and supporting handmade and eco-friendly products.

By partnering with 1000 Homes of Happiness you will receive a cute 125 x125 px ad at the top of our blog that will run for a month or more.

At the moment we are featuring some of our favourite bloggers and working Mumma’s at no cost.  Stripping back our blog to where it began and simplifying things.

If you have any questions or want further information email Kellie at

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