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Reach for the stars………
We are in awe of this little home in South Africa.  All those miles it has travelled and the possibility it may be discovered by someone up there on Signal Hill.  It sits perched high above the world overlooking Cape Town and Table Mountain.
Thank you Kate, for taking the time to contact us and for welcoming little home Stars into your home and then releasing it for someone to discover.  You have given my little ladies a wonderful lesson in Geography today.  Your photographs are so different and unique to our little world we live in here.  They have captured our imaginations and mesmerised us.
Miss Ava shouts out – ‘Mumma, I think it’s called Table Mountain ’cause its flat…look, just like our table!’
Thank you Kate….x
Hiya Kellie!

I was so pleased to have received your little home “Stars”. The weather in Cape Town has been miserable of late so had to hold onto the home until things cleared up.

This weekend I officially released the home at one of my favorite places in Cape Town called Signal Hill. Its a stunning view point to see the whole of Cape Town and I felt it would be fitting as its so high you can almost touch the stars :-) Its a magnificent area as you can see out onto the ocean as well as perfect views of the iconic Table Mountain, Lion’s Head and the Cape Town city bowl.

Attached as some pictures of the surrounding area as well as the home in its new spot waiting to be discovered!

I do hope that whoever finds it will come to your blog and let you know!

Kate xoxox

Lions Head – Cape Town
Home 185: Stars - Cape Town – South Africa.