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Part of jumping on a plane and entering a new country is experiencing a different culture and way of living.  The problem with spending time in a resort on a tropical island means that you are somewhat sheltered from this.  We took some time, on our holiday, to visit a district school.

Nearly two hours off the mainland of Fiji on a remote little Island in the Pacific Ocean is Malolo district School.  

We take the boat ride out and meet Master Filipo (Principal of the school).  He spends time with us talking about the village, the students and their programs.  We are welcomed into classrooms, meet teachers and are embraced by these vibrant, excited school children.  They sing for us and shout Bula (Hello) in unison.

Three little ladies give resources to the teachers and children, our way of saying thankyou.  We are overwhelmed by how very little these children have and how vibrant their smiles are. 

Leaving the school gate we wander back through the tiny village with huts made from corrugated iron, a central cooking area for the entire village and little in the way of running water.  We notice very few toys, bikes and all the things that clutter our home back in Australia.

I watch my three little ladies make their way down the beach where we spend some time with some local village women and I wonder what this experience means to each of my girls? 

We get home from our break and look around our house and are reminded of how much ‘stuff’ we have and how very little we really need. 

The Fijians, adults and children alike, are by far the happiest community of people we have ever encountered. 

Thank you to all the children at Malolo.


We gave little home Bula to Master Filipo, what a wonderfully kind man he was.

Home 325: Bula - Fiji (Malolo District School)


Lying on the grass earlier this year in the sunshine, my man and I make a mini pact with each other….
We are great procrastinator’s, he and I.  Our conversations usually have the someday intertwined in them.  Someday we will buy that house with land, someday we will take a few steps back and live a little slower, someday, we will travel around this amazing country of ours.
We made a choice this year, less of the someday and more of the living.
Living is……
A little island paradise, it’s sunkisses and reading an entire novel in two days, it’s a hammock, frangipanis and smiley little people.  It’s freedom from routine and clocks. It’s forgetting what day it is.  It’s Bula and a culture that overwhelms us with happiness.  Living is snorkelling and three little ladies marvelling at an underwater tropical world.  It’s coconuts and palm trees and a suitcase packed with bathers. Living is seeing the world through new eyes, giving and getting back so much more than we could imagine.  It’s palpable and confronting.  It’s sunsets and flying through the air like a bird.  It’s cuddles and kisses, music and laughter.  Living is cloudbreak and a man who surfs the best ride of his life, it’s camaraderie and boat rides across warm crystal waters.   It’s family and togetherness.  The here and the now. 
We released two happy homes in Fiji, pop back soon, the second little home changed the way our little ladies view the world around them.
 Home 324: Paradise – Fiji