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This little home has travelled all the way to the UK now released in the picturesque Village of Marsden.
Angela and her little man Ryan (4), wrote to us requesting a little home to release in this adroable icecream shop she frequents with her mothers group.  Full of delicious treats and scrummy bubs as well. 
Hi Kell
Thank you for your little home ‘delicious’.  Ryan (age 4) and I left it in our local icecream shop. They sell delicious homemade ice creams. It is also the meeting place for local mums and their delicious babies! I loved getting together with other Mums when Ryan was tiny just to talk and get that much needed support and cake.

I will look forward to seeing if this little house finds a home!
Angela & Ryan x

Take a peek at Angela’s beautiful photographs….they have me craving some English country side. 
Some celebratory pikelets when little home arrives all the way from Australia into the home of Angela and Ryan.
The homemade Icecream shop “A Month of Sundaes” where Angela meets her mothers group.
A delicious little home perfectly placed next to this frozen icecream cupcake…..Yummy! ahhh, I can see Poppy’s letter P she scribbled on this little home at the top.
The main street of Marsden.
Thank you for taking my little ladies around the world and landing on your doorstep in Marsden.  The view above from your little home in Marsden is breathtaking.
We hope someone finds little home Delicious Angela….x
Kellie and her happy little team.
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