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Bless this gorgeous family and a happy little home in NEPAL….
We were thrilled to meet the lovely Tanya and Grace back here, when special little home Grace was released in Vancouver.  You really must pop back and read her beautiful story. 
And now…. a few months down the track, we are besotted with this little family and a happy home released in Nepal,  Neeeeppppaaaaallll!  Can you believe it?!  I keep coming back to Tanya’s picture of our little home sitting there, on the counter, at a cafe in Nepal! 
We are captivated by your breath taking pictures and I especially adore the picture of you all with Raju and his beautiful family.
Three little ladies have had the map out this evening, tracing the journey that this little home has been on as we live vicariously through its travels.
Thank you for taking our little home into yours and sharing this very beautiful story Tanya. 
Kindred spirits indeed xoxox
Read Tanya’s gorgeous story below.
Hi Kellie,

I didn’t really realize how special this word was to me until I was actually in Nepal.  I knew we were going to visit family so that is why I chose the word, but after going back to Pokhara with our daughter, it was the realization of how my life was instantly changed the first time I traveled there, and how my own nuclear family was born.

Life is so funny isn’t it?  I initially decided to go to Nepal because I knew I wanted to finally meet someone and have a family and I thought I would have to do a big trip like that before I settled down.  I think it was the first time I ever traveled and didn’t have the slightest hope or idea that I would meet the man of my dreams….. and low and behold there he was!
It’s so true that love happens when you least expect it! 
Never in a million years did I picture myself in this wonderful and amazingly different culture and family, but I can honestly say I feel so blessed that I am.
I thought I was choosing the word Kindred because we were going to see my husband’s side of the family, but once I got there I realized it was because that is the place where I started my own.

We released little home Kindred at a coffee shop called AM/PM Organic Cafe in Lakeside (Pokhara Nepal) that Raju and I went to every day the first 4 months of our marriage. (it’s a pretty relaxed life style if you’re a tourist :) I would have released the home in his village but I knew there would be no hope of anyone finding it there.  The cafe was also a special place for us.

I’m also attaching a few more pictures of our trip and our family :) The second one is in the village where Raju grew up and where his family still lives. 

I hope you and your family are doing well.  As well as your new job!!!

I’ll look forward to reading more in your blog,

Love Tanya xo

A big Namaste to your girls from Grace :)

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