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A guest released happy home today.  I adore the word bubbles and especially love Fridays, a day where little Bloss and I get to potter around together. Just the two of us.

Thank you Lisa.  Little bird is just gorgeous!

We were so excited to have our little origami house arrive in the mail today.   Bubbles refers to my Friday bubble day of joy with the little bird, how it revives and inspires me through-out the busyness of the rest of the work week and our lives.

I had to find the perfect spot to leave it so that someone else would find it and hopefully be as inspired as I have.  Here it is (below) at the pool which is part of our Friday routine. I love the way it looks in little bird’s hand, like a secret note. She didn’t want to leave it behind, kept going back to it.

I hope someone else picked it up and is able to smile.  Each day I get an inner hit of sunshine from reading your blog.  Lovely to be sharing it through the word bubbles.
Just love this idea Kellie, love, love. 

Lisa. ox

Do you have a favourite day of the week?

Home: 316: Bubbles


Image – Love the very clever Freya x
All smiles for a quiet weekend pottering at home.   
Little hands are busy picking cherry tomatoes as we prepare to rotate the vegetable patch, re-mulch and re-plant for a new season.
We have a batch of chocolate chip cookies filling this little home with a delicious smell.  Three eager girls desperate for them to come out of the oven
Lawns begging to be mowed
Hems to be sewn on school uniforms 
An afternoon tea party on the freshly cut lawn beckoning
Two excited girls with school library books ready to be shared
A cup of tea and time to reacquaint myself with my crochet ripple blanket
And a movie on the couch with my man tonight.
Hope you are having lovely one. 
We are thrilled to share a guest released little home with you today.  Say hello to Jenny at Just Plodding along.  Thanks Jenny, love the word Thoughtful and the images of your little man plodding around your local library.  Gorgeous xx 
Home 286: Thoughtful – NSW
Little Bloss excitedly pulled out Posie’s name from the hat this morning!  Thanks to those who entered our Valentine’s day giveaway via our blog or on our facebook page. 
Hope you like you little garland of hearts Posie.  Send through your postal address here and I will pop them in the mail next week.


There is something about living in a small space for an extended period of time.  I think I have said it before, the way one tends to be more reflective when we are holidaying in LHOW (Little home on wheels).  I adore making plans, setting goals, dreaming, however big or small of resolutions for a new year ahead.

We are keeping it simple this year and intend to live, sounds a little odd when I write it.  Spunk and I have spent the past few days questioning this one word.  What does ‘living‘ really mean to us, to our little family of five and how do we plan to spend 2012 ensuring that we are in fact, living?  We lay on the grass while three little ladies pedal bikes and explore around us and we make plans plans for the year ahead.

: :
We plan to live;
In LHOW’s more often.  Our little caravan is by far one of the best things we have ever spent our money on (Other than our twinnie IVF babes of course).
With more music in our lives. 
More simply, declutter the home and the mind
And make more time for friends and each other (I’m dreaming of a few more date nights with my man this year)
On a Pacific Island with palm trees (at least for a week or two)
With more space in our little home.  Oh to have an extension and a little room where I can escape.
In the outdoors more.  It seems that is where my three little ladies are happiest.
More freely, with less busy.   I intend to learn how to use the word ‘no’ more.
And to love
In the moment.
: :
I think we have made a start…..

Linking up with the lovely Bron over at Maxabella loves for the New Year. 

What one word do you choose to live by in 2012?

Pedal power…

Taking a dip in the coldest pool in the Southern Hemisphere is a sure way to remind your body it is alive xx  (A wonderful pool at Buchan naturally fed from the mountains)

Home 270: Living – NSW


The days blend naturally together while on holidays.  We have no where to be and no deadlines to meet.  All we know is the sun rises and then sets again and the tide, it washes in and then drifts its way back out.  We contemplate our favourite times to swim, surf and play all based on the incoming tide. 

These long sun soaked days merge together and eventually we forget what day it is as they all blend into one long holiday. We are gently reminded that a New Year ticks over as we celebrate with family by the beach.   I blow out a cake full of birthday candles marking another year gone by, thankful for the here and now.  

It is on the final day of our break in LHOW (Little home on wheels) that time slowly creeps its way back into our lives.  We have holidayed with family, enjoyed the company of friends, then taken some time on our journey home to explore, reflect and plan for a new year ahead.

‘I’m not ready for a new day Mumma…. to pack up and go home’.  Says Ava.  ‘I tend to agree little Miss, these past few weeks have been wonderful.’

A special way to end all that 2011 was and a fitting way to welcome 2012.

I will pop back tomorrow to link up with Bron over at Maxabella Loves for our One Word for 2012.

A special thank you to Christie from Childhood 101 for including us as one of the Blogs to read for 2012.  You have me feeling all warm and fuzzy now Christie xoxox 
Pop over and take a peek.  I adore Christies Blog.

How have you welcomed 2012?

Home 269: Tide – Little Bloss used this happy home as a feature on her Sand castle.  NSW


A little home released and a little home found…..
I am besotted with this little home that has warmed my heart this morning.  It seems particularly fitting given the past few weeks we have had in this happy home.
It is fair to say I believe being a teacher is by far The. Best. Job. In. The. World. Other than being a mumma of course.  I have taught students for many years now, across different sectors of education and yesterday (in my new job) I welcomed my first group of University students ready to take on this amazing role. I pinched myself and took a deep breathe and at that moment felt this sense of awe and responsibility at now being in a position where I get the opportunity to teach the next generation of teachers.   I watched them walk in the door of a school for the first time no longer students but ready and eager to become teachers.   Eyes wide, big smiles, eager to learn and soak up all the wonders of education. 
I am gently reminded that these are the teachers that may one day come across my very own little ladies in a class room and lend them their wings and teach them how to fly. 
Bless all the amazing teachers out there. 
Pop over and say hello to Denyse (Denyse Wheelan – Educational Specialist) who requested little home teach some time ago and beautifully described her desire to become a teacher here.  Happy home teach was released in her daughters (a Teacher) classroom and we were thrilled to read it has been discovered by her gorgeous grade three students.  Even more chuffed to see 1000 homes of happiness up there being taught on an interactive whiteboard!  (That is the teacher in me being most impressed with your classroom use of ICT)  You have made my heart sing this morning Grade three! 
‘Look girls, here is a picture of a class of school kiddies learning all about your adventures’.  Three little ladies were beaming.  ‘Did they read that we don’t like getting our hair tied up Mumma?’  enquires little Bloss.
Denyse has this fabulous blog focused on all things educational.  She is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to education and schooling.
Thank you Denyse for releasing happy home Teach.  Thank you to you daughter and her adorable Grade three’s for letting us know they found our origami home!  This little home has a special place in our heart.
How many wonderful teachers have you known who have lent you their wings so you could fly?
Pop over here to see the little home released.
And here…. a little home found!
Home 258: Teach - Grade three Classroom (NSW)