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Beginnings and endings…….
Last night we went to bed knowing this beautiful little boy was on his way to sleeping peacefully.  I’m not sure how a parent finds their way through these dark days?  We send all our love and strength.
This morning we woke to our first spring blossoms, opening their delicate petals in the dewy sunshine and we made phone calls to an excited five year old birthday boy.
We hear news of new babes born and we hope they bring comfort to hearts previously broken.
Three little ladies are planning an afternoon tea party in honour of a superprincess tomorrow.  They have invitations for teddies and dollies, with pretend cupcakes and cups of tea to be shared. Making time, to love and laugh  
Ava finds the missing snail in her bedroom and is saddened to see it met an unfortunate end.  She takes her two sisters out to the garden and they perform their own snail send off, burying little snail in cabbage leaves and flower petals.
Then there is news in our inbox….of new life.  We look at pictures of our little home in the hospital and we smile at the joy these homes bring to others.  We welcome baby Alice (who looks so much like my little Bloss when she was a wee babe)  all 10.2 beautiful pounds of her.  Thank you Lucy, for taking us into your little home and sharing some of this new born bliss….x  We are so very grateful.
Endings and beginnings…..
Pop over and congratulate Lucy at Goosey Chew.  Her little Alice is breathtaking. You can also take a peek at where little home New was released.   Our 221st happy little home!
Image : Goosey Chew


Ahhh, weekend bliss.  I am all cough head cold at the moment sniffle.  Spunk has taken the girls to the swimming pool and I have plonked myself down on the couch, a Broadway musical Singing in the Rain on the ready and some natural home remedies to clear this stuffy head of mine.  Take a peek at some natural suggestions here from Lana.
I am so thankful to have a guest release today…this little home travelled across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand. 
Thank you Leanne, the girls were thrilled to see where this little home was released and even more excited to have their gorgeous Kindy friend Emily join in the fun!

Happy Weekend….x 

Hi Kellie,

we loved releasing your little home ‘Iconic’. 

We Released it in Paeroa a small country town not far from where I grew up.  It is now a tradition that every time we visit NZ we get a photo of the girls at the L&P bottle.  L&P is a NZ drink with a slogan, “World Famous in New Zealand”.  It is the Icon of Paeroa.  For me the L&P bottle and the photos that we take every six months or so at the bottle is an Icon of the girls growth.  It is great to look back at past photos to see how they have changed. This visit we were asked if we will still be taking the photos there when the girls are teenagers.  I said “I hope so”.

Thanks for letting us be part of your wonderful project.


Home 209: Iconic – Paeroa New Zealand