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When you find yourself sitting on the living room floor wrapping Christmas presents and stashing them upstairs in the cupboard three months out from the big day, it’s fair to say I may have a little too much time on my hands.  Two weeks home with my little ladies and I begin to take organisation to a whole new level.  Any one else getting prepared this early?

We have had the most wonderful break these past few weeks.  It draws to an end today and we begin to prepare for a crazy busy few weeks ahead.  I’m back and forwards to Melbourne next week and have a few big (scary) presentations to give for work.

Today…. we take it slow, pj’s until the late morning, a walk along the beach this afternoon and catch up with a dear friend.

Sophie from Time to be Fabulous has released today’s happy home on the Gold Coast.  Pop over and say hello.  A timely post Sophie.  Glad to hear this little home enabled you to share a moment of quiet and some time to wind down.  You made me smile at the thought of skipping Uni lectures to enjoy the sun, an activity I indulged in all to often when I was at University.

Thank you for sharing Sophie xx

Home 349: Fabulous - Gold Coast


Weekend bliss……

The sun is out and it is oh so mild…yippee! We have a lovely weekend ahead.  The first family BBQ for the season, a catch up with the extended family and little people parties. 

We are also on the countdown to school holidays.   One more week of busy and then some time to regroup and relax. 

A gorgeous guest post from a wonderful supporter of ours, Angela.  You have us craving some time in our own LHOW (little home on wheels).  Spunk has the map out and is dreaming of where we can head off to next.

Thank you Angela, Stanthorpe looks like a very beautiful spot for some rest and relaxation. 

Fingers crossed for a little home lost now to be found…..x

Happy weekend!

*Glad to hear there is someone else as equally forgetful as I can be.

Hi Kell,

hope you are well!

It was so great to see baby Lewis and little home Share as post of the day recently, & lovely to read all the comments.

I have finally released our last happy home, which didn’t quite turn out like I had planned, but that is kind of the nature of this project that has its own life right? I had originally intended for the word to be Granite, which would relate to our trip in our LHOW to Stanthorpe in Qld’s Southern Downs district.

However, true to form which seems to be occurring more often these days I forgot to pack said home..oh no! I was really cranky with myself, because I was really looking forward to sharing some things from this area with you & the girls. I am still including some pictures so that you can still enjoy this lovely part of our state.

Stanthorpe is a very popular weekend getaway especially for folks from Brisbane. It’s also our local wine growing area. There are lots of cellar doors & not just wine, there is cheese, olives, specialty chocolates, liqueurs, fruit orchards of all kinds, lavender, a maze, mushrooms, pottery and all the handmade crafty/arty goodness you would expect of a quaint little place like this & last but not least the must see Bramble Patch berry farm. At the Bramble Patch you can have a very delicious berry based treat & yummy coffee. They also sell all sorts of berry related produce, jams, coulis, savoury condiments, liqueurs…I’m sure there’s more I’ve left out, it’s got everything.

Girraween National Park is just down the road and it’s also well worth the visit. Of everything we did & looked at in our four days, our kids loved the National Park. My 6yr old son was in tears when we made them leave after two hours there. I was so surprised, because it was free & the adults enjoyed it, so everyone was happy. I really didn’t expect the kids to like it because that wasn’t really my idea of a good time when I was a child.

So, since coming home I decided to use my misfortune to my favour & change my word to Forget, which seems very appropriate given the circumstances. Trying to keep track of everything these days with three littlies under my wing & husband by my side, I forget more than I remember..I think! Then lady luck smiled on me the day the “lightbulb” went off to release our home forget at our daycare centre(Redcliffe), in the Lost Property Box…seems appropriate no?

Love to your family

Home 233: Forget – Redcliffe QLD

Thankful for a little home ‘Shared’……

I love the warm fuzzy feelings these little homes bring….

We are thankful for a happy home discovered.  Remember Share, back here?  The lovely Angela hid this little home in a baby shower gift for her best friend who was expecting her first bub after years of trying to conceive.  We were delighted to hear about the safe arrival of baby Lewis and even more delighted when Tara contacted us to say she discovered her little home.

Thank you Tara, you have made us smile today…x

Read Tara’s email below……


Hi Kell,

This afternoon I have sat and cried in front of my computer…got up and cried some more….and then when I thought about what I’d just read…I cried again!  What set me off in the first place?  Changing my 4 1/2 month old son’s nappy of course.  As I grabbed the clean nappy from my ‘nappy cake’ my BFF Ange made me, …a cute wee origami house fell out.  I glanced at it curiously, then turned my attention to more potent things (we’ve started solids ;-)   Ten minutes later while the wee man had a snooze, I looked up the website written on my ‘house’ and was introduced to your world. 

What a world it is too, what a lovely concept.  I started to explore your site, got the gist of 1000 Homes of Happiness and clicked on my word, ‘Share‘.  I didn’t finish Ange’s story before I sat wiping tears from my face feeling humbled that someone loved me so much to do this for me.  After I did manage to read the whole post, I explored some more and read Ange’s other posts, saw the photos of her gorgeous children and then I read your ‘Drive‘ post.  Oh how I understand your story.  I salute anyone who has to undergo assistance in falling pregnant, it is a difficult, arduous journey, but for those of us who are lucky enough to succeed, my goodness it’s so worth it. 

All my old feelings and memories of my IVF journey returned, and I was reminded again how incredibly lucky I am to sit here with my baby boy asleep in the adjoining room. 
I would like to ‘Share’ 3 thoughts I had since finding my ‘house';

1. How lucky I am to be surrounded in life by such thoughtful people, with beautiful hearts.
2. How blessed I am to be the Mummy to my gorgeous little boy.
3. How I could never have got through the dark times trying to create a family without my husband by my side.

I have included a few photographs of my ‘house’.  I snuck into L’s room while he slept and took some photos as he woke up.  Needless to say, he tried to eat it, but I saved it. 

Thank you again

Tara & Lewis x


You know how much I adore a little home.  We couldn’t resist this colourful paper one that came in a book to be constructed.  Our lazy Sunday was spent folding and assembling.  The twinnies playing for hours, dreaming all sorts of wonderful dreams about life in this gorgeous home.
A lovely guest release today.  We adore our guest released little homes and often wonder what life is like in each of your homes.  Take some time to visit Michele today at The Hills Are Alive and read about her little man Gus who has ASD.  She is honest and brave.  We hope little Gus thrives in his new learning setting and hope that you are able to find some comfort in knowing his needs are being met and his future is bright. 
A wonderful word choice Michele.  Thank you for trusting us to share your story….x
Home 201: Trust – Queensland


I have a real soft spot for this little home, given that it has been placed in a classroom ready to be discovered by a very special teacher. 
Acknowledging those teachers that Enrich our children’s life is so important.  These people are the second most important people in our little ones life once they reach school age. When you come across that teacher who inspires, encourages and nurtures our children’s love of learning it is immeasurable.  I have talked about our expectations of a teacher here, in my open letter to our girls future school teacher.  One of my  favourite posts to write.
Recipes in Richness have kindly released happy home 177 Enrich.  A lovely little blog that celebrates the small stuff.  Pop over and say hello and take a peek inside Philomena’s classroom.  She is quite the budding photographer.
I hope my little ladies have a ‘Ms Fillery’ when they start their schooling next year.
Do your little one’s have a wonderful teacher?
What makes a good teacher in your eyes?
Home 177: Enrich – Mt Warren Park State School. QLD