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Our first shared happy home for 2013.

Xan this is gorgeous!  My three girls are mesmorised with the little fairy garden you serendipitously stumbled upon with your babes, a magical location for this happy home.  We are convinced it is now safely behind the purple door in the land of fairies.

Thank you for sharing xx

(Read below the email from Xan.)

Thanks so much for sending me our Happy Home Breath.

I do hope you and your loved ones are having the most wonderful family break and that your Christmas celebrations have been overflowing with love and merriness.

My two babes and I tootled off on our walk yesterday morning with camera and Happy Home Breath tucked into the pram ready for us to release into the world. Our intention was to leave it on the picnic table next to the park/playground we were headed for, however along the way, down one of the quiet little streets leading us there, we discovered a Fairy House and garden outside the front gate of somebody’s home. While we were stopped to admire it, my daughter suggested we leave our Happy Home there on the Fairy’s front path. Seemed like a pretty terrific idea to me so, attached are the photos we took while adventuring and stopping to Breathe.

I chose the word Breath in the hope that whoever finds it can remember to slow down, take a deep breath and laugh in the midst of all this business that goes on at this time of year.

Keep spreading the joy and smiles and thank you for all your “Homes of Happiness”.

Best wishes for this new year.

Lots of love,

Home 371: Breath – South Australia


I so love a guest blogger….and even more when it is my beautiful sister. 

We can relate to this little home ‘Journey’ recently released and the mammoth road trip Sher’s gorgeous family of four undertook. 

Love you sis and thankyou for sharing xx (I think I could write a whole other blog on how wonderful it is to have a sister)

Are we there yet…..?

Echoes from your childhood? Now that the shoe is on the other foot and I was on the other side of this question (a million times over), it was quite an experience!!!
Our gorgeous home ‘journey’ came on a summer road trip with my little family and I.
During our childhood we often clambered into the car before first light, travelling to NSW in our family van. Big brother sprawled out on the three seater in the back, Kell and I squashed into the two seater in the middle. Games of eye spy, following the trek on our own map and singing along to Kell’s portable cassette player kept us entertained. I clearly remember Kell singing along in full voice to her “Top Gun” soundtrack I have embraced your mocking Sher and linked the most played song from the soundtrack for you from that summer holiday….CRINGE  ;)  (and yes sis, that is pay back for the childhood topless photo of me that you published on this very blog!). Good times, great memories last forever. 
My little family’s road trip was similar except we were piled high in a Ute and thankfully it included modern day sanity saviours like the portable DVD player and the Nintendo DS.
We chose to release ‘journey’ at a place that just screams Australian road trip. What road trip is not complete without visiting a ‘big’ iconic (trashy) landmark?! Think the big banana or big prawn. Journey found its new home on the top viewing platform of the BIG rocking horse in South Australia.
And what a holiday our little house had, floating around in the bottom of my handbag. It visited water slides, watched us devour many bubble o bills, accompanied us on a zillion toilet stops, listened to conversations such as ‘Look Mama it’s raining.” “No son, that is the sound of 100 locusts splattering across our windscreen”, it got leaked on from the little people’s water bottles, blown away to sea, but most of all it had a memorable, sun-soaked, fun-filled journey.
Sher x
Home 88: Journey ( South Australia)
Footnote* Kell I am so proud of the beautiful space you have created here. No doubt after visiting your blog, readers leave with a warmed heart and a smile on their face. You are witty, endearing, super creative, ambitious (1000 homes, eeek), and a wonderful Mama – and not just here in the blog-o-sphere, you are even better in real life….