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Oh my, this weekend I am dreaming……dreaming of waking up on this Island and spending the day on a banana lounge in Thailand.  Drinking cocktails until the sunset.

Who’s joining me?

Thank you Michelle, we are living vicariously through the adventures of this happy home this weekend…lucky thing!

Happiness is…. a little home that boards a plane and finds itself in Utopia.

Kell xox


Kell sent me a home with no name to take to Thailand.  It wasn’t long until I chose Utopia. Before I left I imagined breath taking landscapes, amazing food, beautiful people and exotic animals, and I wasn’t disappointed!
This little home became my travel buddy, going everywhere I went to find a special place to be ‘released’. On it’s first adventure it travelled on long tail boats to huts on the amazing Khao Sok Lakes and went on a three hour trek through jungle and caves. We then moved on to the beautiful beach at Khao Lak where it joined us for sunset dinners on the beach, I loved eating with sand beneath my feet!
Phi Phi Island was where I decided to leave my home. A group of my friends and I met at Phi Phi Island. On Valentines day we decided to go out for dinner.  As we were walking out of our resort we noticed a lovely Valentines Day Heart on the beach and as the sun was setting I chose to leave my home. It was such a beautiful setting and Phi Phi really was a magical place to go, so out came the little home for the last time, we placed it on the heart, took photos and said goodbye. I learnt many things on my trip to Thailand:
- I have to watch more sunsets
- Try and go outside my comfort zone more
- Patience
- Learn as much as I can from other people
And hold on tight when being driven in a Thai taxi!!!
Michelle xo

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