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A happy home in the UK.
I love these pictures sent through by Sarah and her gorgeous family and love that happy home promise has given us a snapshot into their lives, their marriage and a day at the beach.  Aren’t wedding pictures wonderful!  I wish Pinterestwas around when we were married.

Read about Sarah’s release of happy home promise below and visit her here.
“After a day at the seaside (in a little town called Southwold, in the county of  Suffolk) collecting treasures from the beach, we left the home of happiness promise for someone to find.

We originally asked for promise to release with some balloons on our wedding day, but due to worries of litter and harm to farm animals, balloon releases have been banned in rural areas around where we live. The word promisewas chosen to symbolise the promises Adam and I would be making on the day, the promise that we would love each other unconditionally, ’till death do us part’.

We decided instead to release the happy home out into the world after a lovely family day at the seaside together, one of our first family days out as “The Patterson’s”.  We hired a beach hut called Aunty Bong Bong’s, ate a ‘mummy made picnic’ made ‘daddy designed sandcastles’ and went on a ‘George led treasure hunt’ for things to leave with our little home. We were really quite successful too, we found pretty pebbles, stones, seaweed and even a starfish!! To finish the day off we ate sausage and Chips from the pier and washed them down with champagne!

It was so wonderful to spend some quality time together as a family. It felt quite liberating to leave behind the housework, errands and usual domestic duties that dominate the weekends normally. At the end of the day myself and Adam AKA Daddy said we would try and make time to do things like this more often. In fact, after leaving this happy home, we made a promiseto each other and George that we would come back to the beach and beach hut next year to make more great memories. In the meantime we promised to spend some time together once a week, just ‘The Pattersons’ doing something away from the house and the distraction of chores!

I hope we can keep this promise up. It will help us to love and appreciate each other more as well as creating great memories for us all to share in years to come.

Thank you so much Kell and your lovely little ladies for letting us be a part of the 1000 homes of happiness journey.”

love Sarah, Adam and George xxx

Home 344: Promise – UK



Here they are…the adorable bride and groom! 
Image here at Toasted

I adore a wedding, especially one that enables a little family of four to pack up their life and head to the other side of the world to get hitched!

This lovely, lovely gal has been following our little homes all the way back to the beginning.  Her little blonde headed cuties released our very first guest home here….surprising us with an inbox asking if they could assist and release their own little home.  I have since been an avid follower of L’s gorgeous blog Toasted

For a woman who once thought she wasn’t the marrying type sure had me romancing along with her.  From the invites to the location, the frock and the adorable I do’s you have made me want to do it all over again L xoxox

Can you believe I have looked out this very window where this little home was released all the way over in Bristol UK!?   A lovely surprise to see this little home on the other side of the world now released in a place where I have once stood and admired this very same view.  A m a z i n g!

Perfect location for happy home Uphold.

Congratulations Toasted….you are looking all smiley and loved up in every one of your amazing photographs. Pop over and take a peek back through their adventures here.

p.s- Love the heels!

Hmmm, I wonder if Spunk will runaway and marry me for a second time?

Kellie xoxox


I chose the word UPHOLD because I want to remember that in the middle of all the millions of day-to-day things, our partnership IS the big picture. My marriage (and the little family we’ve created) is the thing I want to keep an eye on at all times. The littles bits and pieces of life can float around filling in the gaps but our marriage is the main deal. It’s simple really.

Toasted x

Home 222: Uphold – Bristol UK