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Three little ladies and their Mumma are in real estate heaven with this little home. 
Remember the ‘Up‘ home?  We mentioned it earlier in the year here.  You can imagine our excitement when we read that this adorable happy home has been recreated and you can now take a tour or purchase it!
Little hands folded this origami home of happiness this afternoon. It was sent off on its journey to the USA with excited smiles addressed to Carl and Ellie, owners of the Up homeAfter some tracking we located the address in Utah. We hope that maybe….just maybe, this little home will arrive in this happy letterbox and be opened, photographed and the image/story sent back to us.
After two weeks of blissful holidays I am back at work two days a week.  The last few days have been craaazzzzyyyy busy and I suspect the weekend will be spent recovering.  To those who have recently released homes….we will be popping them up very soon.  Thank you  xoxox
Home 204: Up – USA