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How gorgeous is this little lady holding happy home Grace

Grace is such a beautiful word as is the story behind how this beautiful little one came to be named.  Thank you Tanya for releasing a little home of ours all the way over in Vancouver!  We were so thrilled to have received your email and send this happy home on its way.

Read Tanya’s story below and take a peek at this origami home now in Canada!  A perfect location and sharing of happiness…x


Hello Kellie, Poppy, Ava and Blossom!

We released the little home Grace yesterday.

I chose to release the little home Grace at a statue in Vancouver called ‘Inukshuk’.  The meaning of the statue can be found here.   It’s located in English Bay which is just outside of Stanley Park in downtown Vancouver.

Two days after my dad passed away from cancer, I discovered I was pregnant with our little baby girl (she’s 8 months old now).  The Inukshuk is a traditional statue from where my dad grew up (Northern Territories) and I wanted to find a place here where I could bring them together.  I didn’t even know this until now but one of the meanings of the Inukshuk is to ‘mark a place of respect or memorial for a beloved person’.

The last year of my dad’s life was one so full of love and grace that I had to name my little girl Grace in honor of him.

Thank you for sending these beautiful little homes to us and letting us be part of your adventures!
who knows, maybe one day Grace will meet your girls in their travels.

Thanks again,

love Tanya and Grace xo

Home 225: Grace – Vancouver Canada!
* We look forward to Tanya releasing another little home soon all the way over in Nepal!  What another amazing story she has to share.  Thankyou Tanya…we are so very grateful xoxox