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Happy Weekend!  One of my most favourite things to do is flick through my photo’s and write a little something for this blog. Here’s one I stumbled across last night while three little ladies soaked up their new obsession with Christmas movies.  Thanks for reading and for all those lovely comments.  Hope you have a fun weekend planned.
I so love this time of year. xx

Say hello to the lovely Kim at Mama Makar.  A beautifully written post on dreaming big.  Thanks for sharing Kim.  I especially love where this little home has been released.  I wonder if anyone found it?

Happy home 365: Now – Western Australia


(by pink sherbet photography)
I’m not quite sure we understood kindness in its entirety until we started this little project. 
A snippet of peoples lives, a glimpse of joy and wonderment and an abundance of amazing friends and supporters who read about and support our happiness project. 
Your kindness goes far beyond words.
Pop over and visit Little piece of pie for the release of home 117.  Such a beautiful read with the most lovely photographs.
We say thank you…..x
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I’m joining Maxabella loves in her weekend grateful today….

We are heading towards 100 little homes ‘released’ and this weekend we are grateful for all of the amazing friends that have offered to ‘release’ a home for us. 

I love that so many people are willing join in and ‘release’ a home of their own.  I love that we get to see a snippet of their life, thoughts and different locations around the country (world)…. and I love that this was a little part of our project that took us by surprise.  How wonderful for my munchkins to look back when they are older and see all of this kindness.

Home 93 has been ‘released’ by the lovely Kim.  Pop back over and have a read of Music an earlier home of hers.

Thank you Kim,  we hope someone finds it xx


This little home was ‘released’ at the Perth Airport as we were arriving home from our Christmas break.

Distance is something that is regularly discussed in our life as we decided four years ago to make the move to Western Australia. The decision was to come and live here for 12 months and after arriving we loved it so much that we have not moved back to Melbourne as yet.

While living in WA we have had a few life accomplishments such as buying our home, getting married and having a child. This has resulted in many conversations on distance, below are a just a few hot topics;

The distance between family and friends (and the time spent in between being able to see them all)-  although it is a cheap holiday for them.

The travelling back and forth at holiday times and everything that goes with that (a lot harder now with a child in tow)

Getting married – whether to have it over here, or go back to Melbourne – which resulted in eloping!

Having a baby – “Are you coming home now?” seemed to be a very popular question and still is.

The fact that our son will grow up without all his immediate family being so close.

The handiness of a babysitter when needed.

Travelling within this beautiful state of Western Australia, there is so much to see and do.

Will we ever go back home and when?

Distance for us is both a happy and a sad word, and for the mean time we are happy with where we are and will continue to enjoy it while we can, and to those that think we are too far away;  we are still in the same country, you can fly here in the same time (or less) than it takes to drive to a holiday destination within the same state, it may not be the cheapest flight but you do get a cheap holiday (free accommodation), and there is always skype!

Thank you again Kellie, for this opportunity to free another home and we have one more to do that is still in the “under construction” phase ……….. Stay tuned

xx Kim

Home 93 – Distance (Perth Airport)


Another little home on a journey…….

Home 71 found its way to Western Australia and into the life of Kim and her gorgeous family of three.  Kim and I grew up on the same street together as kiddies…it was one of those streets where you played outside until the sun went down, was full of kids our age and parents who got along and above all else it was a street in which we all felt safe.  oh….and did I mention Kim had the largest Barbie collection a girl had ever seen.  We spent hours hidden away in her bedroom with Skipper and Barbie and every related plastic barbie accessory known to god. 

{ahhh…..this one takes me back.  Our neighbourhood…. Love the simplicity of a birthday cake on an old card table in your bathers xoxox}
We have all moved on now…and have our own families.
Happiness is a little home that reconnects people.
Thanks Kim xoxox

After reading Kellie’s blog I fell in love with this idea, especially the fact that the family can get involved. I was a little sad that the likelihood of finding a home would be very slim, with us living on the other side of this beautiful country of ours, so was more than happy to help and ‘release’ a home of our own on the West Coast.

The day of arrival was full of excitement on my behalf which soon turned to panic as I realised that it was blank – arghhh, to think of an appropriate word seemed such a big task. After a couple of weeks thought we finally came up with the word Music and here is why;

Music has a big influence on our household, even if none of us play an instrument, can hold a tune or agree on what we are listening to.  For me, music is a good excuse to be silly and dance around the house while no-one is watching. For my husband it is something to turn up LOUD and enjoy, whether it be at work, to help him clean the house, potter away in the garage or through earphones while mowing the lawns. 

We have also recently had an addition to our family and while in the womb our little squirt was introduced to music to which he would kick away to. Now he has a couple of toys where has figured out that if he hits them the right way to his amazement it will let out a tune.  This puts a great smile on his face.

This weekend has been jam packed with music, we had a work Christmas party which had a great band called the ‘Swamp Donkeys’ that let my rock star wannabe husband jump on stage with them and test out his lungs much to my amusement! We also managed to release our little home at Peel Estate Winery, a local winery where we have been a few times.  It has a lovely big grassed lawn to do as you please, with BBQ and picnic area, nice wine, and every now and then great events such as the jazz day we went along to.

Thank you Kellie and family for letting us join in the fun,  we look forward to catching up with you very soon and getting another home to set free.

Home 71: Music – Peel Estate Winery Western Australia


This makes me smile….

Home 49 made its way across the country and found its place in Western Australia.  It is so lovely to see our little project through someone else’s eyes.  Thank you toasted….

Drop us a line if you would like to ‘release’ a little home.

I found this lovely little 1000 Homes of Happiness blog through some random blog-surfing and loved it.  Of course, never ones to miss out, we signed up for releasing one little home right here in our little neck of the woods. Well, actually, our little neck of the coast, and so House 49 has been released on the edge of West Oz.
We’d been really busy over here and after procrastinating for a week (or two, but I’m not counting…) I gathered my gumption together and cooked a picnic dinner, loaded the kids into the car, and scooted down to the beach on a weird, humid and overcast day. At home we’d been cranky and lethargic but once we hit the waters edge everyone came alive and … well, dug, mostly. Ah, these homes are good in so many ways.
I chose the word “wander” because I think it’s such a good thing to remember to do so with kids.

Thanks for the opportunity to remember.

I hope someone finds it!!

Home 49: Wander – Western Australia (Beach)