They make me smile and smile and smile a little more.  They share they most wonderful friendship I hope will last a lifetime.  They gather on the lawn, a gaggle of giggly girls in tulle.  They talk of unicorns, rainbows and all things make believe.  They are ever so lucky and we are ever so grateful.

I’m hugging them a little tighter this week as we remember the world can at times be filled with such sadness.  xox

Home 368: Tulle – Portland

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  1. so true, my heart breaks for all those families who have lost their little ones :(

  2. Angela

    Great pictures. I love those skirts, some of the nicest I have seen in awhile.

  3. Kate

    You realise how precious life is, you do hold them just that little bit longer and you don’t mind them climbing into bed and kicking you in their sleep. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Pretty babes! It is beautiful to value these young lives every day and hug them tight when we live in such a volatile world.

  5. Chris

    Precious girls! So sweet Kell. Hugging Bean tighter too. x

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