He has talked about this view forever, the man in our home and once or twice tried to share it with each of us only to find the track has been closed.  Yesterday we packed the picnic basket and made our way down the Great Ocean Road.  Through forest and dense scrub we bounced along the old fire track.  Thirty years earlier on that very day the forest here was being ravaged by Ash Wednesday bush-fires.  We marveled at the old trees still blackened from fire and how wonderful it is to see a landscape renewed.    He slowed the car at the very top where the trees started to thin and we emerged from the bush upon a hilltop.

The most breathtaking view I think I have ever seen.

Next to me he smiled and it was a smile I had not seen before.   After fifteen years together I thought I had all of his expressions etched in my mind, but this one was new to me.  He looked overwhelmed with happiness.  Almost at one with nature and the beauty around us.  Three little ladies were captivated and quiet, staring across the landscape toward the ocean.  Then they were off racing across the hillside.

Some days the sun shines so bright the ocean and the sky merge together like one.

Tell me, do you have a favourite place, an unforgettable view?


Home 378: View – Great Ocean Road on a gorgeous hilltop

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